About CatWalk

This is an introduction



  • The CatWalk Trust is dedicated to supporting research to cure spinal cord injury.
  • We drive innovation towards
    reversing spinal cord injury by funding research.
  • Over the past two decades we
    have boosted research capacity by sustained investment in intellectual capital and leadership.
  • We are focused on pursuing the most effective route for a cure for spinal cord injury.


Key objectives

  • Support the scientific opinion that a cure for SCI can be found.
  • Generate and distribute funding for research into a cure for paralysis.
  • Identify and enable medical research and development into techniques designed for the regeneration of the effects of spinal cord injuries.
  • Monitor the research progress of all researchers funded by the Trust.
  • Provide targeted assistance to research organisations working on projects that support the purpose of the Trust.
  • Disseminate information about research into SCI.
  • Foster collaboration among all fields engaged in research on the central nervous system, its regeneration, and the alleviation of resulting symptoms.
Securing the Team to Make a Giant Leap.
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Make a difference, today.

Spinal cord injury does not have to be a life sentence. A cure is within reach.
Your support helps to bring that cure closer.
Thank you.