Help us realise our vision
– a world free from spinal cord injury paralysis

We need your support so we can continue to fund world class research that aims to improve function and mobility for those people who are living with a spinal cord injury.

In New Zealand someone suffers a spinal cord injury every 36 hours. The associated medical, rehabilitation and societal costs of spinal cord injury are some of the largest costs to the NZ healthcare system every year.

Your contribution will help towards our goal of a world free from spinal cord injury paralysis.

There are 3 ways you can directly help us: making a one-off donation, becoming a core supporter, or leaving a legacy by naming CatWalk in your Will.

You can also show your support by attending one of our events or creating your own fundraising activity. To learn more about these two options please click here


Donate to spinal cord injury research

Your donation will help us continue to fund world-class spinal cord injury research currently being undertaken in New Zealand and Australia. The NZ based research team is primarily working towards assisting the natural regeneration of the damaged spinal cord. The Australian team are currently undertaking clinical trials on the efficacy and outcomes of neuromodular interventions using electro stimulation to improve current functionality in areas such as hand grip, bowel and bladder function.


Become one of the Core Crew

Just as a strong core is needed to support our bodies, the Core Crew strengthen our ability to fund innovative spinal cord injury research by giving a regular donation. 

Research takes time, often with projects lasting up to three years to enable results to be achieved. Join us as a core supporter and by committing to a regular donation you help confirm the ongoing funding of vital research into a cure for spinal cord injury. Select the frequency and size of your regular donation that best suits you.


Leave a legacy by naming CatWalk in your Will

After you have taken care of your loved ones, would you consider including CatWalk in your Will as a beneficiary? A contribution can offer hope for those who are currently living with a spinal cord injury and for those in the future that will be affected.

By leaving a charitable gift to CatWalk, you have the potential to make an enduring impact on the field of spinal cord injury research. Your legacy helps ensure the ongoing pursuit of a cure for paralysis.

If you are interested in leaving a lasting gift, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you to ensure that we fufill your wishes and maximise the areas you care about.

Please contact Meg Speirs, General Manager, to chat further about this lasting legacy.

Imagine a world free of paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.

We fund research that aims to fix paralysis following spinal cord injury.

CatWalk is dedicated to supporting world-class research and innovation. Our goal is simple, to get people out of wheelchairs and back onto their feet. You can help by making a donation, supporting our fundraising projects or spreading the news about CatWalk.

Ways you can help

Check out our upcoming events

Luminary // 2024

Luminary 2024 promises to be an extraordinary evening filled with brilliance and optimism, featuring a delightful menu, exquisite beverages, and a remarkable selection of auction items.

The CatWalk Golf Open – Postponed!

Thank you to everyone who supported the CatWalk Open. Sadly we have had to postpone this year and will look to hold the event again in 2025. We will keep you all updated!

Host Your Own Fundraiser!

Host your own fundraiser and help support spinal cord injury research.


Using the Raisely fundraising platform, you can create your own fundraiser for spinal cord injury research.

Benchmark Horse Feeds supporting CatWalk

#FeedForTheFuture – The tagline of Benchmark Horse Feeds shows their commitment to investing in the future health and wellbeing of equines throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Maija stepped up for a cure!

CONGRATULATIONS Maija for completing the goal of climbing the 576 steps to the top of Mount Maunganui and down again on Sunday 22nd March!

Equine pasture mix collaboration to support spinal cord injury research

The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust is thrilled to announce the partnership with Barenbrug is not only continuing but expanding to include another partner – Farm Source.

Filly-anthropy brings $200,000 to spinal cord injury research

Day two at the 2020 NZ Bloodstock sales at Karaka […]

Filly-anthropy – sale time is nearly here!

The beautiful Stepanova filly will be presented through the sales ring at Karaka on Monday 27th January at approximately 1-1.30pm.  The team at Valachi Downs along with many industry supporters have done a brilliant job of preparing the filly who looks an absolute picture of health.  We would love to see many CatWalkers ringside to show support and to thank Jo and Kevin Hickman for their generous support.  Who knows – you may be tempted to join together and bid for her!

Thirty Eight in 38 – completed!

Congratulations to the whole team, their supporters and sponsors – Thirty EIght in 38 completed and over $25,000 raised for spinal cord injury research – thank you!!

Lands End to Johno Groats – mission completed!

“Slowly descending from cloud 9 and rejoining the real world! […]

Kiwis Thru America

Thank You Tom and Brent and we look forward to […]

Volunteer with us!

Volunteers are an incredible resource for a charity to have and we truly value the people who so generously donate their time to CatWalk. If you think you can help us, we’d love to hear from you!