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A world free from spinal cord injury paralysis

Join CatWalk and drive world-class research to cure spinal cord injury. Together, we can find the answers to improve function and mobility for people all over the world.

A spinal cord injury can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime. But it needn’t be a life sentence. Your contribution will support vital research focussed on healing the spinal cord.

There are many ways you can help. You can make a donation now or join the Core Crew by setting up a regular gift. You could host a fundraising event/activity or participate in a CatWalk event. Your company could become a sponsor or sign up for employee or customer giving. Or if you’re thinking about your legacy, you might like to leave a gift in your will.


Your donation will help to fund world-class spinal cord injury research, right here, right now.
CatWalk’s dedicated, New Zealand-based research team is working towards the natural regeneration of the damaged spinal cord. Their work is unique and world-leading.

In partnership with Australian researchers, CatWalk is supporting clinical trials on using electrostimulation to improve current functionality in areas such as hand grip, bowel and bladder function.

Make your donation now and join the incredible CatWalk team.

If you prefer, you can donate via Bank Transfer to CatWalk Trust: 02-0108-0525933-00. Click here to confirm the date and amount of your donation so we can send you a receipt.

Regular Giving – CatWalk Core Crew

Just as a strong core is needed to support our bodies, the Core Crew strengthen our ability to fund innovative spinal cord injury research by giving a regular donation.
Research takes time, often with projects lasting up to three years to enable results to be achieved. Join us as a core supporter and by committing to a regular donation you help confirm the ongoing funding of vital research into a cure for spinal cord injury. Select the frequency and size of your regular donation that best suits you.

Leave a gift in your will

Become a giant for those who follow.
Like you, we think often about the legacy we will leave for those who come after us.
“When it comes to research, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Everything that has been done before has led us to this point. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and intelligence of those who came before us.”
Darren Svirskis
Head CatWalk Spine Squad
At CatWalk we’re already looking beyond the cures that we know will come. We’re determined to ensure that they are accessible to everyone. Spinal cord injuries won’t stop happening, but with your commitment now, you will help to heal those injuries in the future.
If you are considering leaving a gift to CatWalk in your will, please reach out so we can answer your queries and acknowledge your gift.
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