A gift for the future

Our vision is a world free from spinal cord injury paralysis. We fund the best research in NZ and internationally, to find treatments to restore movement and sensation.

We want to reach the day when spinal cord injury is no longer the devastating event it is today but a routinely treatable condition.

You can help to create this future – with a gift in your Will.

After you’ve looked after family and friends, would you consider leaving a gift in your Will to CatWalk?

“The reason I chose CatWalk was because many years ago I had a ski-ing accident and fractured a vertebrae in my spine very nearly putting myself in a wheel chair – ever since I have felt extremely grateful that I can walk.  I think it would be so exciting if a cure could be found.”

“I would like my [chosen] charities to be continued on when I am no longer here and I know they will carry out my wishes.”

Leave your Legacy

A few words in your Will can give those with spinal cord injury paralysis hope.

Leaving a gift in your Will could benefit spinal cord injury in a special way. Your charitable legacy may well ensure that the vital research necessary to cure spinal cord injury paralysis endures, no matter what the cost.

If you want to leave a legacy gift, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you to ensure we fulfil your wishes and make the most impact in the areas you care about. Please contact Meg Speirs, General Manager of The CatWalk Trust, to discuss further.

Download our Gifting form HERE