Imagine a scenario where thousands of golfers simultaneously tee off nationwide, all in the spirit of charity. This vision materialized into The Great NZ Tee-Off (TGNZTO), initiated by CatWalk Ambassador Ollie Bradshaw and a dedicated group of friends in early 2023.

They embarked on a mission to enlist golf courses from Northland to Southland, seeking donations of tee times for a synchronized play at 1pm on November 24th.

The response was remarkable, with over 300 tee times secured from 150 clubs. These valuable slots were then auctioned on the Galabid platform in September, resulting in an impressive fundraising total of over $60,000. The proceeds were generously donated to three charities – CatWalk, Hope Without Fear, and Movember.

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to Ollie, the tireless volunteers who devoted countless hours to bring TGNZTO to fruition, the supportive clubs and sponsors, and to all the players who participated. We sincerely hope you had a fantastic day!

CatWalk Events - Great NZ Tee Off 2023