CatWalk Trust, in collaboration with Wings for Life, is proud to announce a significant grant towards pioneering spinal cord injury (SCI) research led by Dr. Simon O’Carroll, in collaboration with Associate Professor Bronwyn Kivell, in New Zealand.

This generous funding from Wings for Life marks a crucial step forward in the pursuit of groundbreaking treatments for individuals living with SCI. The funds originate from the Wings for Life World Run, a charity run with its next edition set to take place on May 5th, continuing its mission to support spinal cord injury research.

CatWalk Trust, a longstanding supporter of Dr. O’Carroll’s research initiatives and the Spinal Cord Injury Research Facility, shares the common objective with Wings for Life of advancing world-class research to ultimately cure spinal cord injuries.

Dr. O’Carroll and A/P. Kivell’s project, based at the University of Auckland and Victoria University Wellington respectively, aims to address the inflammation and loss of myelination following spinal cord injuries. By investigating the potential of an already clinically used drug, the team seeks to uncover new neuroprotective treatments that could revolutionize SCI care.

The project’s approach involves testing the drug’s efficacy in reducing inflammation, inhibiting immune cell infiltration, and promoting neuron and oligodendrocyte survival in a clinically relevant model of SCI. If successful, this research could pave the way for future clinical trials and, ultimately, transformative treatments for SCI patients.

The collaboration between CatWalk Trust, Wings for Life, and the research team underscores the power of collective action in advancing spinal cord injury research. By pooling resources and expertise, the partners aim to accelerate the development of effective treatments and, ultimately, improve the lives of SCI patients worldwide.

Catwalk Research Matters - Simon O'Carroll

“Spinal cord injuries impose life-altering challenges on individuals, and we are committed to exploring innovative solutions to enhance their quality of life,” says Dr. Simon O’Carroll, Director of the Spinal Cord Injury Research Facility. “This collaboration with Wings for Life underscores the importance of global cooperation in accelerating SCI research.”

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The upcoming edition of the Wings for Life World Run is scheduled for Sunday, May 5th. This run, owing to its format, welcomes participants of all abilities. Individuals have the option to participate either through the app from any location of their choice or at a designated venue which in New Zealand is the Go Media Stadium, Mt Smart.