Congratulations Maija for completing the goal of climbing the 576 steps to the top of Mount Maunganui and down again on Sunday 22nd March!

What an achievement for Maija after her life-changing fall in 2018. Thank you to all those who walked with Maija and to those who supported her fundraising of over $5000 for spinal cord injury research.

September 16th 2018 was the day life changed for Maija Vance. A fall while competing in a hurdles race at Arawa Park Rotorua left Maija with an incomplete SCI and the prospect of not walking again. 5 vertebrae were broken with the T8 level leaving her paralysed from the waist down. Following 3 months in the Auckland Spinal Unit with three rehabilitation sessions each day, Maija regained enough movement back to be able to walk again in 2019 and since then has kept up a very strict rehab programme which continues to improve her mobility.

CatWalk Fundraiser - Maija